Website Investing Made Me A Mom Blogger. UGH!


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  1. Goran Duskic says:

    Wow, awesome post! You really went deep and explained the entire process! I can’t believe not a single comment here!
    Where can I read more about your portfolio of websites and how you are managing them?
    Have you found any new websites that you would like to purchase?

    • Jill Caren says:

      Hey Goran – thanks for stopping by! I do not release all of my sites since some are strictly affiliate sites and I do not want to risk them being stolen or copied! ๐Ÿ™‚ No more new purchases for bit — got more than I can handle right now, but hopefully by the end of the year I will be caught up.

      • Goran Duskic says:

        Hey Jill,

        I absolutely understand, I wasn’t asking that you publish your domain names.

        Let me try to ask in a different way. I think it’s a 3 step process. Finding great websites and buying them. Managing and growing them. And, in the end, maybe selling them. So, I am interested in your process of managing your portfolio since you already wrote here about buying websites. What’s stopping you to keep growing?

        • Jill Caren says:

          Hey Goran – time and manpower keep me from growing. Until I have better processes and team members in place I cannot do much more than I can. I run a web agency – so my time is pretty limited.

  2. Connie K Campbell says:

    Hi Jill,

    Thank you so much for such an in-depth article on website investing. I have no plans to do this but you have definitely showed me things I need to work on with my site. I monetize it and my organic traffic is only 3.4%, I really need to work more on the seo side of things. You have some great info on your site.

    • Jill Caren says:

      Hi Connie! You definitely want to work on the organic side of things! Having all your eggs in the social basket is not a great long term strategy. While organic may seem like an uphill battle, once you get to the top – it can have a lot of long term gain. I have a lot of great posts coming up — and will be doing a webinar Q&A series too so join the newsletter or find us on FB to keep up! Jill

  3. Kevin says:


    Silly question really. How do you fix the 1000 404 errors.
    Are these posts that are causing the errors or what google analytics is showing need fixing.
    How do you go about sorting them out.


    • Jill Caren says:

      Hi Kevin, a big portion of those 404 errors were either from “link roundups” from many years ago where the websites that they were linking to no longer exist or product reviews that had changed URL’s. I use Screaming Frog to find them – that was actually one of the easiest things to tackle since I just had my admin remove all the link roundups and fix the others manually.

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