How To Use WebPageTest – Part II – Waterfall

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  1. Dash Kitten in NZ says:

    I have the purple lines AAAGHHHH! So I have an idea where to optimise images – good thing and I can act on this. One thing that IS bothering me though. The yellow bar across is marking Google Analytics – THIS was a surprise as I believe GA is not something I am able to change.

    • Jill Caren - 2Dogs Media says:

      Hi! I just ran a quick look and you have way too much going on for me to give even a brief overview. Your first issue that needs to be addressed ASAP is the fact that I can access your website both at as well as — this is going to cause a lot of issues in itself. I tested with the https version of your website and used Australia as the test region and got about 9 seconds to fully load. I would highly recommend a full audit…..there is just a lot going on in your files……

      • Dash Kitten in NZ says:

        Hmm. Maybe you had better let me know he cost. I need to do this and a figure would help me budget to get this done as soon as I can. I tried the https and could not get it to work. This bothers me too!!

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