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  1. Tom G says:

    I use SEO PowerSuite daily and I love it. I am really getting into their keyword research abilities and I use that along with LongtailPro.

    • Jill Caren says:

      It is definitely a great program for the cost! Glad you are finding it useful!

  2. Jasmin Toromanovic says:

    i have been using this software for about year, after that i picked other softwares like Screaming Frog and other and my life changed. this software does not provide accurate audit or spy results AT ALL. if u use other software like AHREFS, SEMRUSH etc and compare their audit and spy results, tey are similar but way out of what SEOPowersuite can do.
    Very poor audit, very poor backlinks spy, very very poor content audit which they put their priority on being the best.

    that is not all. the worst is yet to come.

    i bought this software and paid pretty much money for it. The licencce they claimed to be selling was the lifetime licence.
    After 6-7 months or so, i got a notiffication that my subscription has expired and that i need to buy somekind of algorithm subscription which costs for all my software pack about 200 USD.
    i wrote them and asked what is going wrong there, i never bought a software with subscription (i would never have bought itif it was subscription based). they ignored me as if i was so blind and stupid not knowing that they were offering subscription based software. i was writing them and asking to send me kind of contract with me or anything that can prove what they claim and they never wrote back.

    I reported this company for scam and deception to German and European authorities. Now waiting what happens after that will be suing this company for what they do

    Stay away from this company and software, it is waste of time, at the end you will see it is no usable software and you are going to be using all other accurate software but not this one.

    • Jill Caren says:

      Sorry you feel that way Jasmin. Personally we use it for auditing for every website and think it does an exceptional job so not sure why you are seeing it differently. Also, yes the license is for the software which is a lifetime license. They do not that have to charge a separate fee for the algorithm updates so that the information they pull can stay accurate – they have to pay to get that data – you cannot expect them to provide that for free. One you compare their product to tools like Ahrefs or SEMRush – it is extremely affordable. If you are serious about SEO – you have to make an investment somewhere to grow your business. Thanks for your feedback.

  3. Tony H says:

    Very great review about this product. I bought a license for this product, it does work great.

    but would like to add some more cons, cause it’s not really so great in my view.

    – Slow processing: To be honest, it’s so fucking slow, and crashed down some times. Maybe because my laptop isn’t so strong, but, really…
    – poor backlinks pull out, to compare to other services like ahrefs, majestic, Moz,… it does provide just a few links.

    Either, anything else is great!

    • Jill Caren says:

      Hey Tony, thank you for your comment. As far as it being slow – I did not that it can be slow, but I am thinking your laptop may just not have enough memory to handle the website you are trying to pull reports for.

      There are a lot of settings within the toolset that can help you speed it up a bit or break it up to run it a bit faster. I am working on a MAC that is a few years old and can get most site reports within about 3 minutes. If you reach out to the PowerSuite team they may be able to help you — you can actually send them a report right from the program so they can see exactly why it crashed.

      As far as the backlinks – no tools are perfect in that respect as they all have their own crawlers. I use Ahrefs (which never finds every link either) in conjunction with SEO Powersuite because neither one pulls every link in – most SEO’s will use several tools to get a more realistic backlink profile.

      All SEO tools have their downsides, but for the cost of Powersuite I am not sure there is a better tool out there. Ahrefs is our preferred tool, but for most it is so darn expensive!

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