Redesign & Development in Wordpress for Wharton Institute

Wharton Institute

The Client

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Wharton Institute for the Performing Arts is a unique non-profit organization in NJ that is actually comprised of 3 different organizations including the NJ Youth Symphony, Paterson Music Project and the Performing Arts School. Each organization required their own identity and content on the website to ensure their branding and messaging was clear to visitors.

The Goals

The primary goal was to create a website that allowed for separate content areas for each of their organizational programs and to allow visitors to easily find the content they are looking for, all while keeping a cohesive brand across all the organizations.

3 Unique Entities

To create unique areas for each of the organizations we developed a "landing page" template for each organization and used body class ID's to target pages within those organizations. This allowed us to utilize each brands specific colors for their organizations and to create custom formatting opportunities. When a visitor comes to the website they can differentiate each entity by their accent color and logo in the sidebars.

Below showcases tones of orange which is the color of choice for the Paterson Music Project - a custom logo, social icons and newsletter sign up round out how each organization can create their own unique sidebars.

Customized Admin

As with all of our websites - we created an editing area in the admin that the team was able to edit without even having us show them. The use of custom fields makes editing a breeze.

Even toggles and tabs are easy to manage - with no drag and drop plugins or bloat to slow the website down.

Wharton Before

This was the interior page after clicking the landing page below, we are confused as to what they do or who they are.

Wharton Before Redesign

This was the landing page when you went to the website - yeah, we were not sure where to go either!

Wharton Before Redesign