Umbra Study Abroad - Wordpress Redesign


A Clients Wish

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We have worked with Umbra before and they were ready for a redesign! The client had very specific ideas about the look and feel and functionality and we were able to bring them to life.

Because he knows his target well he wanted lots of engaging content on the home page - so with the use of sliders and tabs we were able to deliver a lot of content in an easy to understand way.

BTW we received some overwhelmingly good replies from the new website launch. A few said they were so glad to see it wasn’t one of those giant photo video homepage templates with the scroll down overlay and giant icons they have seen over and over again on all new sites. So that was some good feedback…they all said it was easy to navigate and find everything…they usually said it’s frustrating on so many schools sites to find what you want. So all in all we got some really good feedback….everyone likes it…THANKS AND KUDOS!!!
Danny - Umbra / ISI Florence