Ireland Chamber of Commerce USA Website Redesign

Ireland Chamber of Commerce – USA

The Problem

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The International Chamber of Commerce - USA is a non-profit organization that facilitates business relationships between the US and Ireland. Their existing HTML coded website had many issues that prevented them from growing their membership and promoting their mission. They were reliant on a developer for all updates which often found them getting information up too late to be properly promoted, the structure and navigation was not clear and the pages were not properly functional because of coding errors.

The Goals

The ICCUSA team wanted a new website that allowed them complete control over the content they put out and one that did a great job of laying out their content in an easy to read way for users. The need to grow their membership and have a better events system was key to making this website relaunch a success.

What We Did

Working with the client we created a design that was both engaging and gave a visual of beautiful Ireland that is an accent without being overpowering. Although the hierarchy did not change much - the location of the menu makes the user experience much easier.

Our events area allows the client the ability to easily add new events with the use of custom fields that places the event content on the page where it needs to be - and they have the option to add toggles and tabs for additional content like sponsors and honorees. By using this functionality a lot of information can be added to a page without making it overwhelming to the user.

PLUGINS USED: Gravity Forms, Stripe Payments, Advanced Custom Fields Pro, Widget Options, NextGEN Gallery
BUILT WITH: Genesis Framework, PHP, CSS, JS

Custom Fields Make Life Easy

In the image above you can see the custom fields we created to allow the client to add their sponsors easily. They can add more tabs and each tab has 3 columns where they can easily upload an image and link for their sponsors. No html, no css, no aligning - just entering the content and then they watch the magic happen!

The sidebar is custom designed so they can enter the data right from the event page for the session location and date as well as the downloadable PDF. The list of prior events is done with a widget menu. The entire page is easily managed by the client by just entering her data in fields that we created!

Showcasing all their event content on a single page was an important part of the redesign. We had to find a way to promote their sponsors in an easy to see way while still allowing the honorees be accessible as well. The combination of toggle and tabs keeps the page neat while allowing them to enter all the information they need. Optional text can be added above the Sponsors tabs as well if needed.