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  1. Carol Bryant says:

    Great explanation and so very much appreciated!

    • Jill Caren - 2Dogs Media says:

      Thank you so much Carol, glad it was useful.

  2. Mothwabit says:

    Helped me understand what was going on. Very easy to understand. Thanks!!

    • Jill Caren - 2Dogs Media says:

      Thank you.

  3. Janice (@Kitchen Heals Soul) says:

    This was very clear! Thanks! But now I’m wondering, all my 400 old blog posts which have affiliate links that opened in new tabs and were coded as nofollow… I’m going to have to go into each post, unclick the open in new tab box, and then swap the rel to a nofollow? That’s A LOT of work 🙁

    • Jill Caren - 2Dogs Media says:
      • Janice (@Kitchen Heals Soul) says:

        Awesome! Thank you so much! But will this add nofollow code to all links, even those that don’t need a nofollow? I guess at this point, what choice do I have, hah! Sigh.

        • Jill Caren - 2Dogs Media says:

          I am not familiar with the plugin, but it looks like you can exclude some links….

  4. Gaurav Jain says:

    Hi, I think WordPress only adds rel=”noopener” and this does not affect SEO or affiliate links. “noreferrer” has been removed now.

    • Jill Caren - 2Dogs Media says:

      Thank you so much for letting us know this! We have updated our post!

  5. Best Binocular Reviews says:

    Great easy to read and understand – thanks very much – cleared up some questions that I had for my site.

  6. Briar-Rose Schaus says:

    I was told by another affiliate program that I am connected with that if the server is not secured (HTTPS) that it is missing the information as to where the click came from. I was wondering why my affiliate earnings seemed to be down. I’m really not sure how to fix this, aside from going through each post and securing each link. Would it be the same if I had a self hosted wordpress site?

    • Jill Caren - 2Dogs Media says:

      I am a little confused if you are syaing your website is not HTTPS or the links you are using to the affiliate websites. Technically speaking https/http are 2 DIFFERENT websites so yes, it is usually an issue if you are linking to a website with the wrong website version – although we have not confirmed an issue with affiliate links and losing commissions. We are not too familiar with WordPress hosted websites and are not sure what is available to you — in a self hosted platform you would be able to access the database to update all your http links or use a plugin though — otherwise doing it manually may be your only option.

  7. Grace Godwin says:

    This is very helpful, thank you! So, if I just keep the default “noreferrer noopener” code and want to add the nofollow code to the link, can I just insert it like this? rel=”nofollow noopener noreferrer” Will that be the correct code to have all three in there?

    • Jill Caren - 2Dogs Media says:

      That is correct @gracegodwin:disqus !

  8. leo garcia says:

    Hello. I tried your code on
    2) Remove the noreferrer noopener tag completely

    It never worked for my site. noreferrer noopener still show up on my links. 🙁

    And for those that say that it does not affect your AMAZON sales…
    My stats say I have sent 100’s of visitors to Amazon from my links (in one day). Ever since this update, Amazon stats say I have sent “0” visitors. Yes, that’s a BIG ZERO. So I’m losing money daily due to this update.

    • Jill Caren says:

      Hi Leo, I will double check the code, it worked the last time I tried it. But this would not be hurting you anyway. I have the referrer opener tags on all of my amazon links and it is not hurting me at all. It sounds like you may have something else going on. Also, I would recommend using “nofollow” on those external links! I will test and update this post though….

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