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  1. Colby says:

    Thanks for the in depth blog post. Sorry I have a lot of questions today…

    I’ve been with Mediavine for about a year and a half and they’ve been great. My only concern is like you mentioned too many ads ruining the user experience. You can adjust the amount of ads on your site through the Mediavine dashboard. I plan on dialing back the ads in 2019. If you have a chance to test both Mediavine and AdThrive I’d love to see a comparison review.

    My Amazon conversion rate is around 16%. I have several products that sell particularly well and I was wondering how I could better monetize (thanks for the tips). I’ve been trying to contact the manufacturers directly to see about working out a better deal. Have you ever tried becoming a retailer? I’m pretty sure I don’t want to take that step, but it’s an option.

    Regarding switching from Amazon to ShareASale. Have you noticed a significant increase in income? Jumping from 4% to 15% is a big difference and I’ve had a similar situation where a brand approached me to jump my commission from 8% to 20%. Digging a little deeper I don’t think I’d benefit from the bump in commission. #1. For every 1 item ordered through the product link 2 other items are ordered so that 8% Amazon commission might look more like 24%. #2. Amazon will convert better than the brand site. I’m thinking about running some tests to see if the higher commissions can outperform Amazon.

    Regarding the selling links: Do you sell links for a flat fee or monthly fee?

    Thanks and I look forward to reading more about how you monetize CharityPaws.

    • Jill Caren says:

      Hey Colby! Always here to help how I can. I do hope to do a review in the future of AdThrive and Mediavine…..I have 2 sites that are using Mediavine, but they are sites that are strictly for making money so I do not care as much about user experience – but will see about testing AdThrive if I qualify and see how it goes!

      16% actually seems kind of low for Amazon to be honest. I usually hover about 30% on average with one site getting about 56%……I could write a whole post just on this topic, but it is really about how you are writing your content. I use a lot of plain links and not a lot of those ad banners and things – the links convert better for me. I will write more on this, puppy promise!

      Switching from Amazon to Sharesale in my tests have led to a small increase — less sales overall, but higher commissions make up for it. Amazon is a much better convertor for sure, but it really depends on the products too. If you are mostly promoting products that are low in price – it is probably not worth it – but if you are doing products that are a few hundred dollars, I have seen better results with ShareASale. I have also done tests where I used both buttons…manufacturers with ShareASale AND the Amazon button……those test were very favorable.

      I have not done much testing with CharityPaws yet because I am just starting to get enough traffic to really monetize things……but I do think the pet affiliate is harder!

      There are a lot of variables with all of this of course! So, TEST TEST TEST!!!!!!!!!!

      I only sell links at a flat rate!

      • Colby says:

        I thought about joining AdThrive, but I’ve been thoroughly satisfied with Mediavine so I’m happy to stay with them. I’ve searched for comparisons of the two ad networks and really haven’t found much.

        56% is amazing! Heck, even 30% would be amazing! I’d love to double or triple my amazon income. Honestly, I’d love to see an entire post or even series of posts on Amazon Associates. I only just recently started realizing it’s potential. Over the past 5+ years I only use plain text links and this past year I added a Native Ad to the bottom of all posts and setup OneLink in Canada and the UK. I noticed that Canada/UK makes up about 20% of my traffic, but only 5% of my Amazon revenue. Have you tested OneLink and other localization plugins like Geniuslink? I’m wondering if a different plugin would result in better localization equaling higher revenue.

        Most of the products I promote on my site are low in price so testing Shareasale probably wouldn’t be worth my time. I’m not sure if you’ve setup many other pet sites besides CharityPaws, but have you tried testing Chewy’s affiliate program? I’m wondering how that would compare to Amazon.

        Thanks for all the answers! I’ll probably be testing a lot of this stuff starting in the new year.

        Happy Holidays!

        • Jill Caren says:

          There is so many ad networks out there! I am a big fan of testing — so even joining AdThrive and running tests for a few months might be worth it for you. You never know how much more money you can make unless you try. ๐Ÿ™‚ I do use GeniusLink — but like you the international does not convert as well for me as the US market my conversions are typically less than 5%. I do like GeniusLink — I use it on one of my affiliate specific websites — and will add it to CharityPaws once I get more affiliate related traffic.

          I applied as an affiliate for Chewy but they have not even reviewed the application so not sure that they are even accepting new affiliates. CharityPaws is my only pet related website — but it is my “authority” website, the one I care the most about, so I do not play or test too much on this one. I do testing on my other affiliate websites that are solely built to make money! ๐Ÿ™‚

          Have a fantastic holiday — and lets kick butt in 2019!

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