Well, Hello Fred! Meet The Latest Rumored Ranking Update


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  1. Pavan Agrawal says:

    I own this website http://www.freeonlineindia.in/ and I saw 80% drop in my traffic on 10th March. What should i do?

    • Jill Caren - 2Dogs Media says:

      Your website has to many different directions and seems to be all about monetization. I only clicked on a couple of posts and saw several ads in each post — that is a clear flag to Google that you are focusing more on money than quality. Also you have no real “niche” – you talk about Sports, Internet, Government etc. – all which are not related……so this is a signal to Google that you are not an “authority” and your content will not rank well if they do not know what you are focused on. You may have more trouble going forward as they refine this algorithm….

  2. Emmerey Rose says:

    I have been hearing about this update from a few blogs already. I guess we all have to continually produce QUALITY content and links then, and avoid shady tricks to get traffic. If so, we won’t be affected with the updates.

    • Jill Caren - 2Dogs Media says:

      Exactly! For so many years so many people were doing things that were considered borderline shady — now it is coming back to bite them. Just be honest and no matter what niche you are in create strong content to become an authority…and you will be just fine!

      • Emmerey Rose says:

        Couldn’t agree more Jill ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. latlon technologies says:

    But i don’t think there is only Fred update.

    • Jill Caren - 2Dogs Media says:

      Nope — there is never only 1 update….Google does many updates all the time. But Fred seems to just have made a much larger impact than most which is why we thought it was important to mention in case people were seeing big drops in rank.

  4. Matias Aabye says:

    We have seen 80-90% drop on the articles in this category: https://gamerguru.dk/gamer-guides.
    I’ve disavowed a few bad links, but we dont really run any ads on this pages.
    Feeling like running into a wall…

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