GDPR: A Simple Guide To General Data Protection Regulation


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  1. Marjorie Dawson says:

    A question on the WP GDPR Compliance v1.3.1 form. I believe it is set up correctly. The most confusing part was finding the comments area in Jetpack but that looks OK. I have Contact Form 7 set up (I use this on my privacy page). So far so good.

    My question is under the CheckList tab of the GDPR plug in. Question: “Is there an order form on your website”. I sell copies of my eBook using a direct paypal on one page not in an ecommerce shop. I have an ‘Any Questions’ form correctly configured for any questions at the bottom. Do I need to say yes I have a form for the eBook? Or should I remove the Comment box?

  2. Jill Caren says:

    I think the form on the ebook page is just fine. It looks like you are sending the ebook to them via email after they pay for the book – which if that is the case then you are not really collecting any data and should be fine. As long as you do not add them to any lists or anything you will be OK.

  3. Monika says:

    Thanks for this useful post! One question though…”If you are offering a free download – you cannot auto subscribe them to your email list. You MUST have a checkbox giving them the OPTION to subscribe.” – If I understood correctly reading different GDPR articles, if we have a double opt-in, we don’t need this check box because people give us consent by confirming the subscription?

    • Jill Caren says:

      I cannot give a 100% legal answer on this one. For my own websites I am using the checkbox AND double optin just to be safe. There are a lot of ways to read the GDPR guidelines and lots of people are understanding it in such different ways. I do think that having the double optin SHOULD be enough, I am just covering my butt a little bit more!

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