Blogging Case Study: Plum Crazy


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  1. Colby says:

    Great information! Thanks for sharing. I’d be interested in your process for buying a website. For instance, where do you search for sites for sale, what analysis do you do to determine if it’s a good purchase, how do you protect yourself against purchasing a fraudulent site, basically what due diligence do you go through before making the purchase. Thanks for sharing. I look forward to following along.

    • Jill Caren says:

      Hey Colby! I actually wrote this post which talks a bit more about why I bought this one specifically:

      But I will see if I can put together a video as well and look at some sites on Flippa so you can see the exact process I go through.

      I will do another post in the next couple of days that addresses your questions, they are good ones!

      • Goran Duskic says:

        Hey Jill,

        Please consider sharing my post with Colby. Would love to hear your thoughts on it, as well!
        Anyway, in this long article, I listed almost all the places where someone can find websites that are for sale.

        I usually buy from Flippa, forums, and after a couple of years doing this I made some connections where I buy directly. Some people have large portfolios, so every now and then, they have something for sale.


        • Jill Caren says:

          Great article Goran!

  2. Patti says:

    HOLY MOLY! This post will help me TREMENDOUSLY!

    Thanks for the transparency and actionable info.

    Can’t wait to get my organic engine purring!

    • Jill Caren says:

      LOL — and to think the posts will only get better from here! Any questions let me know!

  3. Goran Duskic says:

    Hey Jill,

    Is there somewhere on your blog (or, if you can comment here) I can read more about your experience and how you made the decision to delete 3000 post, and knew this was a good move?
    I bought some websites that have a lot of content, but never wanted to delete it. Why is this a bad decision?


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