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  1. Ben Arnold says:

    Totally right!!! You can quote me and publish this comment in your articles to further press home the reality that having a site on another person’s server (host) that’s beyond even their own admin’s control in some circumstances such as my own that I’ll describe in full detail right now, think Hillary Clinton scandal: My experience which occurred just today will make you feel like your problems are easy. I mostly use my WordPress site for design testing, idea generation, communication with my CEO’s etc. However, lets be honest when saying that a small problem can turn into hell regardless the system is the #1 system in the world. I was transferring some highly sensitive material today (personal information of 100 persons primarily living in France, some in Thailand and Vietnam… for example info on where they live, their photo, their connections to other persons, those person’s photos and residence etc) and thought it would be safe to use my WordPress dashboard as kind of a word program and was deleting things and adding things to revise that information so that it would be ready to insert into a data base where I store all of my client’s and partner’s and associate’s information… when suddenly out of habit my dumb brain told my body to click “publish” and well the rest is history since WordPress super computer caught the breach of policy immediately and within 2 seconds suspended my account just as I was about to delete that page… giving me the blue screen of death. Hopefully them disabling my ability to correct my mistake, unable to delete that page and information, doesn’t mean that information is now published publicly permanently online somewhere or being copied and used by WordPress admin from India or Russia or China or wherever WordPress hires admin and whoever they may be. Hillary Clinton’s emails are nothing compared to what I’ve done, mine were posted online for the whole world to see! Thanks WordPress shared hosting!!! -Ben Arnold reachable by email at BigConversation@Zoho.com

    • Jill Caren - 2Dogs Media says:

      Hey Ben – sounds like your issue is a little different than what our post is about, but still sucks none the less. We always try to tell people to not build websites on any self-hosted platform like WordPress.com or Wix or Squarespace……losing control is a horrible thing! Just hope that information does not wind up somewhere it shouldn’t —- we all have those days! Hang in there!

      • Ben Arnold says:

        Thank you so much, I needed that encouragement to remain hopeful. Thank you so much! Yes, I was searching for any news or info that might give me better perspective or a support group suffering the same problem. And your article was informative about many things and not only made me feel better about my issue but taught me about other issues to avoid. And showed me some things better worth pursuing, constructive and progressive. You are one of the amazing people saving our world. Thank God for people with your skills and talent and wisdom, you, for sharing that with the world. -Ben Arnold 🙂

  2. Mohan Raj says:

    Good research. There will be atleast one negative review about any hosting companies online. The best thing is to get an package from hosting company and test it for some days ( most companies provide 30-45 days money back guarantee) . One can easily monitor uptime and response time. When I signed up with FastComet ( pretty much new when I signed up) took a courage and bought a hosting plan. From there to till now for more than two years, I’m hosting with them and why not it too received both type of reviews, but the review at my site https://bloggingio.com/fastcomet-review/ monitors the site for uptime and speed. By checking so, one can find the reliability of a hosting company.

  3. Dan says:

    What a fantastic post! Thank so much. It’s so hard trying to find hosting reviews and opinions that are not mired in affiliate links. It’s funny, because I recently discovered WPX and have been amazed at the ratio of good to bad reviews. They are easily one of the most loved, and least hated hosts I have ever seen. And with 5 installs for $25 (or two months off for annual), it’s a fantastic step up from all of the Bluehosts and GoDaddys out there.

    One more host I discovered in January and have used for a site for a best-selling author who gets a decent amount of traffic is Pressidium. The speed and performance have been fantastic, the customer service is amazing (basically, I’m talking to the devs/owners), and I know if I am ever hacked or anything like that they will fix it for free, which is HUGE for a novice like me who doesn’t have the time or money to deal with those kind of problems on my own when they happen.

    My only concern with them is how they measure traffic. It’s a “visits” thing, the definition of which I don’t totally understand (though developers seem to understand it fine). That said, they made it clear to me that they will never shut me down and never surprise me with overage charges, and they haven’t. The author recently had a movie come out and he has consistently received more traffic than his account allotted for for over four months in a row now, and they haven’t had a problem at all. I am at the $42/mo (annual) plan with them, but they offer a single site mini plan around $25/mo. Might be worth checking out sometime.

    Anyways, sorry to ramble on. Thanks again! I think I am going to test out WPX on a few sites.

    • Jill Caren - 2Dogs Media says:

      Rambling is always welcome! 🙂 Thanks for letting us know about Pressidium, we have never heard of that one so we will check that one out as well and add it to our list. Sounds like a good managed option!

  4. Colby says:

    I tried FlyWheel and after several problems I ended up moving my site back to my old host and requesting a refund. I really wanted things to work out with them because there were plenty of positives about them including some of the things you mentioned like easy to use interface, good support (although like you mentioned at times it was slower than expected), and during my brief time I tested and noticed a performance increase. Unfortunately, it just wasn’t meant to be. I’m still searching for a host. Thanks for the reviews. I’ll be checking out some of the others on your list.

    • Jill Caren says:

      Hey Colby! Sorry to hear about your troubles. I know there is no “prefect” host – but Flywheel is actually one that has a better street cred! I am actually trying to narrow down this list into definitive referrals I can give – hope to update the post soon. But I would say try WPX Hosting if you do not need managed hosting. (I am not a fan of managed hosting anyway) — but I have used WPX and it has been a good experience for a mid-level traffic website.

      • Colby says:

        Thanks Jill! I’ll take a look at WPX Hosting. Right now I’m leaning towards Agathon since they’re recommended by Mediavine. I’m currently with Synthesis/Studiopress managed WP hosting, but I’m not tied to managed hosting. One thing that gets me is the huge difference in price. My current hosting is $42 a month. Flywheel was going to cost me $229 a month and they weren’t even the most expensive of the group of hosts I researched.

        • Jill Caren says:

          That is crazy! I did not analyze costs with this post but definitely noted to look at costs fro bigger bandwidth sites. I will take a peak at agathon too – never heard of them. There are a few updates I want to make so will add them to the list. Definitely let me know who you go with! (just out of curiosity!)

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