Jill Caren

Jill is the owner of 2 Dogs Media – and yes, she really has 2 dogs (RIP Riley & Ginger)! She has over 12 years of experience on the internet wearing several different hats including e-commerce entrepreneur, SEO strategist, web developer and designer.

Her desire to start 2 Dogs Media began when she struggled to find a web developer for her first website – and ultimately settled for a site that lacked the features and functions she needed. She knew then, that there had to be a better way – and soon 2 Dogs Media was launched! She worked solo for a couple of years and realized she could offer better service and experiences with some help, so she began working with contractors to help her — and that is when 2 Dogs Media really began to grow!

In her free time, Jill can be found hanging at the local animal shelters taking pictures of animals looking for homes and at various animal related fundraising events!

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Google Adwords Certified


Google Adwords Certified

Yes, We Are A Virtual Agency!

2 Dogs Design Mascots Ginger & Riley

Meet Ginger & Riley, the 2 dogs behind 2 Dogs Media! Sadly, Riley passed just 2 weeks after her 14th birthday on August 18, 2015 and her sister passed at 14.5 years March 10, 2016. In their honor we will be instituting a special grant opportunity to help a nonprofit in need. RIP girls – you are missed every day.

2 Dogs Media is a virtual workforce – meaning we can work with people all over the world to make your web dreams a reality! We currently have 6 long-term contract partners working together as a cohesive team to ensure you get everything you need to launch, improve and grow your online presence.

We carefully manage each project and match the best contractor for your specific needs – this ensures a great experience and final product for our clients, all done in a timely fashion.

Why Is This A Benefit For You?

Because your website is unique! By having a network of contractors we are always ensuring each client has someone perfect working on their specific programming needs. Having this flexible workforce leaves us rarely saying we cannot do something – we have a team that just makes it happen.

For example – if your website is form heavy – we would use our contractor Fred, who resides in Florida to ensure that we are using a form solution that is best for your needs. His expertise in Gravity Forms is top notch and will be an asset to even your most complex form requirements.

Ryan is located in Canada and is our ZenCart and JS extraordinaire, he has been working with us for over 8 years on various projects.

Lisa is our content writer and data manager – she makes all your websites complete by adding and creating all the content!

How Does This Affect Cost?

Being able to work as a virtual company allows us to keep our costs as low as possible. Without the overhead of employee costs and office space – we can have a real competitive advantage on pricing for our clients.

What About Communication?

Our communication skills are what really sets us apart. You will have 1 person that you will be in contact with from your project start to project end that will be able to personally address any questions or concerns you have. This person will be personally involved with your project and able to consult and offer insight to giving you the best outcome possible. You will also receive a weekly report with updates and status.

Because of our limited client schedule each month, we can offer a level of communication that is not common in the web design & development community.

Where Are Your Contractors Located?

We currently use 4 contractors in the US, 1 in Canada and 1 in Bangladesh. Two contractors work with 2 Dogs Media full time and the others are on an as-needed basis depending on the project needs.

Will You Ever Hire Full Time Employees?

Probably not. We have been working with this model for many years and it has worked very well for us – and our clients. Our goal was never to be a big agency with more clients than we can handle, so we do limit the amount of projects we take on each month – this allows us to better serve our active clients and maintain a healthy work life balance.

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Do You Know A NJ Nonprofit That Can Use A Grant For Web Services?

Our $10K web services grant is now open for applications. If you are a registered 501(c)(3) in NJ - apply by December 15, 2016!

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